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  • With kind permission of Harting


Quality as top priority

Being a certified company means we place great value on quality assurance, and at the heart of this process is the laboratory. This is where we test layer thickness using an x-ray fluorescence device. And should more detailed inspection of surfaces be required, we are equipped with state-of-the-art microscopes. Our processing baths are in addition subjected to analysis and monitoring of their properties by our own inspection laboratories, so consistent quality can be assured here too.

Waste water 

Responsibility towards the environment 

Waste water from production is collected in our waste water treatment plant and fed into waste water processing. After that, the waste water is analysed to ensure that all key values prescribed by law are adhered to. Just as with waste water, the resulting waste air is purified too before it is able to reach the environment. Our environmental policy stresses sustainable manufacturing methods which save resources, whereby we ensure any waste gets recycled. We guide and monitor all these parameters using our energy management system. In addition, we have taken advantage of the PIUS Check on our materials flows, and participate in the eco-profit [Ökoprofit] programme.